7 - 11 april 2022

Gallery KBH Kunst

Øster Søgade 34, 1357 Copenhagen

Describtion of exhibition: 

Usually the inspiration for my work comes from my relationship to the sea and my fascination of the life forms that reside there, but co-exhibiting with @hanneschmidtart has given me the chance to see my sculptures from another perspective. Hanne’s artworks portray different abandonment rooms in which I imagine the history of lived human lives, where childrens feet stamped the floors of their childhood homes in many generations. These rooms, being the shelter of love, anger, loneliness, joy, now seem left behind with a musty smell. This “emptiness” I might feel has happened is a result of the missing faces in the rooms to mirror myself in. But these houses have been left to nature. From the moment human hands stopped fighting the dirt and moist from the surrounding environment, another life form began to take over, and the walls became base for fungi. It grew in the cracks and accumulated in the air, turning the house into shelter of other lifeforms, lifeforms very different from ours. 

I saw, that in relation with Hanne’s work my sculptures became a magnification of the microscopic organisms growing in the cracks, and this is also what I want: to portray the beauty of fungi, something we all co-exist and consist of. 


“There is a crack in everything” is the name of the exhibition that will be placed in @kbh_kunst Friday the 4/3 from 17:00-19:00. I will be showcasing more than 12 pieces in different sizes.

KFA 1-3 oktober 2021

Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto Busses vej 5

Upcomming Area kurateret af Connie Boe Boss @coboboblog

Galleri Symbol, september 2021

Guldbergsgade 9, 2200 KBH N