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Astrid Specht Seeberg 1999

is a self-taught sculptor with a background in ceramics from Copenhagen, Denmark. She quickly gained recognition for her artistic practice and was awarded the Carl Nielsen Foundation's Talent Prize in 2022. She has exhibited her works in galleries in Copenhagen, including Galleri Kant, kbh kunst, and Anne Aarsland for Kunstsalonen.

Her artistic practice is deeply connected to the aquatic environment. Her large ceramic sculptures draw inspiration from creatures evolved from water, and she portrays them figuratively.

Her abstract and expressive works often feature organic shapes and textures. Bubbles, lamellae, animal depictions, and an almost musical progression are recurring elements in her works. The scientific depictions of fish and marine creatures are not always direct illustrations of specific species. For Seeberg, they represent blends of universal natural laws and spiritual works that arise from the artist's inner emotional life. She embraces a raw and improvisational approach, emphasizing breaking with ceramic norms and her own abilities. As a result, her works are constantly evolving and never appear the same.

She has collaborated with marine biologists from Hungary and mangrove ecologists from Bremen University, as well as working with architect Filip Nyborg to create large art installations through ornamentation and clay exploration. Seeberg's work focuses on creating balance points in sculptures that are on the verge of collapsing. She breaks and stabilizes the clay in the process, inviting chaos and collapse into her work and working with gravity.

In Specht's works, fish are not just fish, and clay is not just clay. It is a connection with the elements that can represent the cycle of life, where nature is understood as a larger universal consciousness.

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